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From government scientist to entrepreneur to philanthropist

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November 06, 2016,

VLN Advanced Technologies is not a typical renewable energy or water treatment company that many associate with the clean-tech sector.

Tim Blaisdell, President VLN advanced Technologies, VLN Biotech

September 01, 2015,

Tim Blaisdell joins the VLN team as President of VLN Advanced Technologies, VLN Biotech and VLN Advanced Technologies USA to continue to focus on VLN growth strategies and commercialization. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Tim plays a significant role in the strategy development and direction of the VLN companies.

VLN Advanced Technologies Inc. Generously Supports Cancer Care at The Ottawa Hospital

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January 01, 2015,

VLN Advanced Technologies Inc. has joined forces with other Ottawa area businesses for the Canotek Park Challenge in support of cancer care at The Ottawa Hospital. The goal of VLN Advanced Technologies and the Canotek Park Challenge is to raise $100,000 to equip a chemotherapy bay with lifesaving technology for patients currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

A visionary design with a visionary purpose

A visionary design with a visionary purpose graphic

July 01, 2013,

The greatest challenge faced by any worthy charitable organization is funding. For many, it’s an uphill struggle that begins anew every year. And those precious dollars that are raised must first cover operating costs before they can be used to benefit those in need.

VLN Reach Foundation donates to Partners In Health Canada

VLN Reach Foundation donates to Partners In Health Canada graphic

July 01, 2011,

Thank you for your exceptional leadership and solidarity with individuals and communities we serve in Haiti. Mark Brender, Director, Partners in Health Canada.