News Release

Tim Blaisdell, President VLN advanced Technologies, VLN Biotech

September 01, 2015,

Tim Blaisdell joins the VLN team as President of VLN Advanced Technologies, VLN Biotech and VLN Advanced Technologies USA to continue to focus on VLN growth strategies and commercialization. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, Tim plays a significant role in the strategy development and direction of the VLN companies.

Tim brings almost 25 years of experience in various management and business roles, most recently as Vice President of Business Development at MDS Aero Support Corporation. Before that, Tim led Mergers & Acquisitions, Worldwide Industrial Cooperation (Offsets) and the strategically focused MAPS Group during his 13 plus years at Pratt & Whitney. His professional experience combined with his business knowledge make Tim an important leader of the VLN Management team.

Tim has a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics/Economics from Ithaca College with a minor in Physics. He also has a Master’s degree from the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Tim has participated in continuing education courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is a graduate of the highly regarded Program Manager’s Certification at Defense Acquisition University (DAU).