Electro Discharge (EDC)

A very powerful process capable of extremely high impact pressure required in many specialized applications.

Technology Summary

The Electro Discharge technology is simply two electrodes placed in a specially designed nozzle utilizing our proprietary discharge process. The nozzle contains either water or water flowing at low pressure. The capacitors are charged to required the voltage and the electrical energy is then rapidly transferred between the electrodes by a switch.

Like a spark produced by the spark plugs in a car cylinder, an electric arc is formed between the electrodes. This arc generates a very hot steam bubble (plasma) which attains a diameter of about 33,000 feet (~10,000 meter) in less than one second.

Escaping through the nozzle, this bubble discharges the water in front of it at a very high speed (> 1,700 meters per second). Literally faster than a bullet, when this high-speed water droplet hits the target, the extremely high impact pressure breaks the target into pieces.


  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Military


  • Cutting
  • Explosive-free Rock Breaking
  • Ordinance Disposal

Features Benefits & Highlights:

  • VLN Advanced Technologies’ EDC is a patented and secure technology
  • System can be made portable and somewhat compact (within 92 cubic feet)
  • System can be remotely operated and put in harsh environments
  • System is easy to operate and simple to use

Working With You

Do you have an application that you think might be right for this technology? Contact us, we’d love to talk about what we can do to help you improve your process, reduce harmful destruction of the environment, or help you reduce your operating costs.

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